Heart so cold – Rolling Papers – Lyrics

By 01/03/2018Lyrics

Str 1: Lost
I feel that I’m lost
From where I’m standing here
Now I can see so clear
That you’re the one,the only one
Who makes me smile when all around falls apart
You know in my heart
There is a special place
That craves for your embrace
I wish that you could feel the same way

Ref: Blood is rushing through my veins
Everytime I call your name
It seems all in vain
Cause all I want is to feel your love
I just want it even more
But your heart’s so cold

Str 2: Smile
Your beautiful smile
Could make my world go round
If you could stick around
Cause you’re the one,the only one
Who gives me hope when everything is falling down
I need to know
Is that a yes or no
You got to tell me though
Cause if you love me so I really need to know